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    On May 8, 1873, the first issue of The Charlotte Gazette rolled off the press and we have been serving the Charlotte County community with news ever since. The Gazette is devoted to the best interests of Charlotte County first, last and always.

    It was purchased by Farmville Newsmedia LLC, becoming a part of the Boone Newspapers Inc. family, in late July 2015. The newspaper is published every Wednesday.

    The purchase ended nearly seven decades of ownership by the Tucker family, of Drakes Branch, who owned the Gazette for 69 years.

    The late Otis Ottway “Sam” Tucker Jr. and his brother-in-law the late E.E. Franklin initially purchased the Gazette in 1946. When Franklin passed away in the mid-1960s, Dorothy C. “Dot” Tucker became co-publisher with her husband, Sam.

    Dot took over the sole publisher’s role in 1981 following the death of her husband and continued in that capacity until the Gazette was sold.

    Dot’s son, Bo, served as the editor of the paper for 35 years, with the help of his brother, David, overseeing the commercial printing operation at the Drakes Branch office.

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    Charlotte County is located in the south central part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its county seat is Charlotte Court House. The county is mainly rural.

    Geographic location

    The county is bounded on the southwest by the Roanoke River, and is adjacent to Prince Edward, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Halifax, Campbell and Appomattox counties. Charlotte County is approximately 30 minutes from Farmville and South Boston. It is approximately an hour away from Lynchburg and and hour-and-a-half away from Richmond.


    Charlotte County: 12,586


    Charlotte County has warm summers, relatively mild winters and normally adequate rainfall. The county usually experiences from 20- to 40-degree weather during January-March as winter matures into spring. From April-July temperatures can rise to 90 degrees as spring ends and summer takes place. Over the last decade, the fall season has become warmer showing temperatures anywhere from 90-60 degrees. During the winter, residents usually experience few snow and ice storms and temperatures can drop to below freezing.

    Major employers

    Major employers in Charlotte County include mainly sawmills, such as Morgan Lumber Company Inc., Ontario Hardwood Company and Tate Lumber Company Inc. Genesis Products Inc., Hedi-Ho Inc., Cardinal Homes Inc. and Southside Virginia Community College are also big employers in the county.


    Charlotte County has one public high school, Randolph-Henry High School, and no private schools. The county also homes the Southside Virginia Community College John H. Daniel campus, located in Keysville.


    The county’s small-town environment is highly focused on community events. The towns of Keysville, Phenix and Charlotte Court House hold parades in the fall and winter each year. Events like FloraFest, Pancake Supper with Santa and the Truckers’ Parade Against Cancer are unique happenings that draw in visitors to the county.


    Charlotte County is filled with many fishing and hunting opportunities for recreation. Throughout the fall, many residents enjoyed hunting whitetail deer, wild turkey and small game. The county is traversed by two driving trails in the Virginia Wildlife & Birding Trail system, the Roanoke-Meherrin Summit Loop and the Staunton River Loop. Throughout the year, numerous youth sports are offered, such as, Dixie Youth baseball and softball, soccer, basketball, football and cheerleading.

    Interesting tidbit

    Charlotte County is one of the few counties left in Virginia (along with Bath and Mathews counties) that do not have a single stoplight.

    Area information

    Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce
    600 David Bruce Avenue
    Charlotte Court House, VA 23923
    (434) 542-4546