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    From steamboats to spaceships – The Natchez Democrat has told the stories.

    From the great steamboat race between the Natchez and Robert E. Lee in 1870 to man’s first moonwalk some 100 years later, and even more recently the landing on Mars, Miss-Lou readers found the stories in their Natchez newspaper.

    The Natchez Democrat was established in 1865 by Capt. James W. Lambert and Paul A. Botto. Capt. Lambert bought the Botto interest only a few months after the paper got its start that October. Four generations of Lamberts published the paper until 1970, when it was purchased by James B. Boone Jr. of Tuscaloosa, Ala.

    Today, The Democrat is owned by Natchez Newspapers Inc., which also publishes the Miss-Lou Guide, and is a part of the Boone Newspapers Inc. publishing group. Cited as Mississippi’s Best Community Newspaper by the Mississippi Press Association, The Democrat and its staff have garnered numerous awards for writing, photography, layout and design, including Best of Boone honors two years in a row.

    The Democrat covers Adams County and its neighboring Franklin, Wilkinson, Amite, Claiborne and Jefferson counties in Mississippi and Concordia Parish in Louisiana. It is published seven mornings a week.

    The Democrat covers Adams County and its neighboring Franklin, Wilkinson, Amite, Claiborne and Jefferson counties in Mississippi and Concordia Parish in Louisiana. It is published seven mornings a week.

    Our Mission

    The Democrat and its employees strive:

    • To produce exciting, top-quality news publications focusing on people and events that affect the Miss-Lou;
    • To bend over backwards to meet the needs of our advertisers;
    • To report the news accurately and without bias;
    • To edit and publish with integrity and the best interests of our community in mind;
    • To operate at a profit level that allows us to fairly compensate our employees, reinvest in our organization and stand independent from outside influences;
    • To take an active leadership role in our community;
    • To do what we say we will do;
    • And, above all, to treat our readers, advertisers and employees as we would like to be treated.


    10,500 daily a.m. with home delivery in seven counties and parishes of southwest Mississippi and east central Louisiana.


    The economy of the Natchez area is diverse, including two hospitals, manufacturing plants, a number of agricultural facilities as well as an ever-growing tourism market. Thousands of tourists visit Natchez each year to experience the historic city – the oldest continuous settlement on the Mississippi River.

    Internet presence

    www.natchezdemocrat.com (news site)

    www.natchezscene.com (photos)

    www.natchezontheriver.com (about the Natchez community)


    The Natchez Democrat is a consistent winner of the Mississippi Press Association’s General Excellence award. In addition, the staff has won numerous state, regional and national awards for writing, photography, design and Web site presentation.

  • Market

    Located on high bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, the Natchez area is one of the most picturesque spots along the river. Located in southwest Mississippi, the area serves as the hub of economic, industrial and medical needs of several surrounding counties and Louisiana parishes.

    Geographic location

    Natchez is about 90 minutes north of Baton Rouge, La., and about 90 minutes southwest of Jackson, Miss. Adams County, in which Natchez is centrally located, covers about 460 square miles.


    Total immediate market: More than 54,000

    Adams County: 32,297

    Concordia Parish (La.): 20,822

    City of Natchez: 15,792


    The South is known for its warm, humid summers and Natchez certainly has its share. However, the rest of the year is quite seasonal, with the area enjoying complete, fall, winter and spring weather, as well. Summer’s average high is in the mid- to upper-80s. Mild winters with occasional cold snaps make the area ideal for many residents. Natchez typically receives about 50 inches of rainfall each year and occasionally a trace of snow.

    Major employers

    Health care; tourism industry; agricultural; education; finance; manufacturing.


    Natchez and Adams County have many schools — public, private and parochial — serving pre-school through high school students. In addition, Natchez is the site of a thriving community college, Copiah-Lincoln Community College Natchez campus, and a branch of Alcorn State University, where the ASU School of Nursing and School of Business Administration are located in addition to other upper-level classes.


    Natchez has many social and civic activities in which to take part throughout the year. More than 500 antebellum structures give Natchez a unique architectural character. Many of the historic houses and buildings are open for tours. Some of the important events during the year are Spring and Fall Pilgrimage tours, Natchez Opera Festival, Natchez Bluff Blues Festival, Great Mississippi River Balloon Race, Jim Bowie Festival and a number of other festivals and events


    Golf, boating, fishing, hunting, hiking and bicycling.

    Interesting tidbits

    Natchez, named after the Native Americans who lived in the area at the time of the French settlement in the early 18th century, is the oldest continuous settlement on the Mississippi River.

    Area information

    Natchez-Adams Chamber of Commerce
    211 Main St. Suite A
    Natchez, MS 39120

    (601) 445-4611