BNI Philosophy

The late James B. Boone, Jr. chairman of
Boone Newsmedia, Inc. (BNI), outlined the BNI philosophy:

We seek to produce the highest quality product the economics of the community served can support. And then, by ingenuity and imagination, we strive for a higher quality in an effort to serve and build that community.

Quality products, and quality profits, are inseparable over time. Achieving such requires being associated with quality people in quality facilities.

James B. Boone, Jr. Chairman of the Board and Director

James B. Boone, Jr.
Founder (1935-2023)

Quality products relate to news and editorial content, advertising, composition, printing and distribution. Our aim, when our product is compared to another’s in a comparable market, is to be judged superior. The communities we serve deserve no less, doing so is vital to the future of that community and our company.

Quality profits begin by spending less than we take in as revenue. We seek to pare costs to their basics. Then through ingenuity and imagination proceed to maximize revenues. The achievement of the proper “mix” here is basic to success.

Quality people are compensated accordingly. BNI seeks to compensate those who lead the company and produce its products well above average. Our goal is to be generous with those who build our company and make our reputation. BNI further seeks to compensate those who lead the company, and its newspapers and shopping guides, through ownership and/or its equivalency.

Quality facilities mean different things in different places at different times. Our company began as a highly-leveraged operation and is managed in that manner now. Our “pot of gold” needs to remain at the end of the rainbow, something we strive to reach for our communities, our associates and ourselves. We seek to maximize what we have in buildings and equipment, because we value good working conditions for those associated with us. We put every available resource toward achieving our standards.

Our philosophy is not original to BNI. It was derived from my work for and association with Carmage Walls, the association with my father, Buford Boone, and numerous other accomplished publishers associated with Mr. Walls and his family over the years.