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    Founded in 1827. Owned by Boone Newspapers Inc. since 1973.

    Our Mission

    • To produce exciting, top-quality news publications focusing on people and events that affect Dallas and surrounding counties;
    • To bend over backwards to meet the needs of our advertisers;
    • To report news accurately and without bias;
    • To edit and publish with integrity and with the best interests of our community in mind;
    • To operate at a profit level that allows us to fairly compensate our employees, reinvest in our organization and stand independent from outside influences;
    • To do what we say we will do;
    • And, above all, to treat our readers, advertisers and employees as we would like to be treated ourselves.


    Published Tuesday through Sunday

    Daily circulation: 8,400

    Internet presence



    The Times-Journal has won numerous state press association awards.

    Community involvement

    Staff members involved in United Way, Relay For Life, Rotary, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development

  • Market

    Selma has a relatively diverse economic base with a mix of industrial, agricultural and retail businesses.


    Selma: 20,512

    Dallas County: 46,365


    Selma experiences a typical Southern climate with warm, humid summers and mild winters.

    Major employers

    International Paper, Bush Hog and Vaughan Regional Medical Center.


    Selma’s educational needs are served by the Dallas County Public School System, Selma City Public School System and three private schools. Higher education coursework is available at Wallace Community College, Concordia College and Selma University


    Selma is the second oldest surviving city in Alabama. There are many structures still being used that date back to the 1800s.


    Selma is filled with festivals and special events including the Jubilee Bridge Crossing (re-enactment of Bloody Sunday march), Battle of Selma, Pilgrimage Tour of Homes and Market Day.


    The Selma area offers a number of recreational endeavors including: hunting, fishing, golf and boating.

    Area information

    Selma Chamber of Commerce
    1-800-45 SELMA