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    John Gordon Cashman published the first edition of the Vicksburg Evening Post on May 4, 1883, in a second-floor office on Washington Street.

    At the time he was working for a morning newspaper and became weary of the arduous night work, as it was injurious to both eyesight and health. He named it the Vicksburg Evening Post to distinguish it from the dominant daily morning newspaper of the day. Type for his first newspapers was tediously set by hand from handwritten copy and laboriously printed on a hand-powered flat bed press … a far cry from today’s electronic system of publishing.

    Since that day, the newspaper has survived depressions, wars, floods, tornadoes, bad economic times, many competitive newspapers and assorted ups and downs. In 1883, Cashman’s newspaper was a bold undertaking. Vicksburg has had more than 80 in its long history.

    Fierce competition of the Vicksburg Evening Post and The Vicksburg Herald finally was subdued when the Cashman family purchased the Herald on February 7, 1925. For a quarter of century after that Vicksburg had a morning and an afternoon paper, which was combined on Sundays as The Sunday Post-Herald. In 1951, The Post designed and built a modern two-story building at the corner of South and Cherry, the first issue at the location being printed on April 7, 1952.

    In December 1953, tragedy struck Vicksburg that will forever be remembered by those who lived it. A violent tornado killed dozens of citizens. It destroyed the building from which the newspaper had just moved. It also offered the newspaper staff a challenge. Under the most difficult conditions, the staff, improvising without the gas to fire the Linotypes, worked to publish the newspaper and keep citizens informed as to the fate of their friends and families. They worked tirelessly to quell rampant rumors that spread in a darkened city, most of which was without power and communications. For its efforts, the newspaper was awarded the most coveted prize in journalism, the Pulitzer Prize.

    The afternoon newspaper being a hands-down winner in reader popularity, The Vicksburg Herald and The Sunday Post-Herald were suspended in 1957 with the Sunday paper being renamed Vicksburg Sunday Post.

    In August 2015, The Vicksburg Post launched a special, community magazine, Vicksburg Living. The magazine publishes six times each year.


    The Vicksburg Post is a 7-day daily with 9,000 circulation.

    Internet presence

    www.vicksburgpost.com (news site)


    The Vicksburg Post has won numerous state, regional and national awards through its history, including the 1954 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting for the newspaper’s coverage of a deadly tornado that hit the city in December 1953.

    Community Involvement

    The Vicksburg Post and its staff are deeply involved in the Vicksburg community. The newspaper supports a number of local events and charitable causes. Many of its employees volunteer with local civic groups, organizations, churches and other charitable causes.

  • Market

    The City of Vicksburg and surrounding Warren County have a diverse economy with a mix of industrial, tourism, government research, retail and agricultural businesses.

    Geographic location

    Vicksburg is located at the intersection of the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers. Interstate 20 bisects the city along with U.S. 61. The city is located approximately 45 miles west of Mississippi’s capital city, Jackson.


    The City of Vicksburg has a population of more than 23,000, while all of Warren County has a population of approximately 48,000.

    Major employers

    Vicksburg is home to more than 50 manufacturing facilities along with a number of retail and services businesses. The city is home to four dockside casinos. Among the largest employers are the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers which has extensive research facilities in the community, Merit Health River Region, the Vicksburg-Warren County School District, Ameristar Casino, and Tyson Foods.


    Vicksburg and Warren County are home to excellent public schools as well as parochial and private schools. Higher education needs can be met in the community with both Hinds Community College and Alcorn State University offering classes in the county.


    Vicksburg has a long and interesting history as a river town on the Mississippi River. The city features a vibrant downtown and a charm that is known all over the South. The city is often referred to as the “red carpet city of the South” for its world renowned hospitality. Vicksburg attracts visitors from all over the world who come to see the famous Civil War Battlefield, which is commemorated with the Vicksburg National Military Park.


    Vicksburg offers outdoor enthusiasts with a plethora of options, from hunting and fishing to kayaking and golfing.

    Interesting tidbits

    Coca-Cola was first bottled in Vicksburg by Joseph Biedenharn.

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